Teams building on Polkadot

A number of teams have started researching or building Polkadot infrastructure and parachains.

Some of these teams are preparing for Polkadot’s launch today by building on the Substrate technology stack. Polkadot parachains don’t have to be built on Substrate, but they can be and it is easy for them to be used in Polkadot. For Substrate chains to become parachains there is very little technical overhead or extra coding. The chain simply needs to bond DOT tokens to lease a parachain slot on the Polkadot platform.

This is a rundown of the teams building out the Polkadot ecosystem. Please comment as more come online.

Teams Building on Substrate and Polkadot

  • ChainLink - developing an oracle (announcement)
  • Aragon - unstoppable organizations, DAOs (Presentation)
  • AdEx - implementing their registry (announcement)
  • ChainX - developing a Bitcoin and Ethereum bridge (announcement)
  • Ocean Protocol - ecosystem for sharing data (presentations)
  • Energy Web Foundation - building an energy network (announcement)
  • iExec - decentralized cloud computing (announcement)
  • Edgeware - building a WASM-based smart contract platform (website)
  • ZeroChain - zK-SNARKs chain built on Substrate (announcement)
  • Robonomics - cyber-physical systems integration (Twitter status)
  • MXC - IoT protocol (website & technical paper)
  • Katallassos - financial contacts (website)
  • Joystream - A user governed video platform (announcement)
  • Ladder Network - decentralized exchange for cross-chain assets (website)
  • Asure Network - social security network (website)
  • Kilt Protocol - identity trust market (website)
  • PACTCare - Metadata Blockchain based on Substrate called Starlog (GitHub)
  • 0x protocol - decentralized exchange (Tweet)
  • Blink Network - lightning fast payments (website)
  • Akropolis - global pensions infrastructure (announcement)
  • LayerX - zk-SNARKs chain (announcement)
  • Plasm - Plasm is a Substrate Runtime Module Library allows developers to add Plasma functions to their Substrate chain (GitHub)
  • Speckle OS - universal identity and account parachain (announcement)
  • Agora.Trade - a cryptocurrency exchange for non-custodial trading
  • Totem - real time accounting for Substrate (website)


  • Noise Explorer - Rust code generator for formally verified (Noise/ cryptographic) handshakes (GitHub)
  • Clovyr - service to easily build a blockchain (demo)
  • Chainhammer — Multi-chain performance testing tool (GitHub)
  • Agoric - secure smart contracts (website)

Polkadot Implementations


  • Polkawallet - mobile wallet (Twitter)
  • Imagewallet - a universal software wallet (reddit)
  • Enzyme - browser extension wallet (website)
  • imToken - digital asset wallet with multi-chain asset management (website)
  • Cobo Wallet - proof of stake wallet (website)



where can we get the latest list of parachain?

Hey Ty, you can find all that are connected to telemetry on testnet here: As polkadot hasn’t launched on main-net yet this list may/may not be relative to active parachains upon launch.

Ladder Network,official website: Building on Substrate and Polkadot

BEPAL Wallet
Official Website: