Teams building on Polkadot


A number of teams have started researching or building Polkadot infrastructure and parachains.

Some of these teams are preparing for Polkadot’s launch today by building on the Substrate technology stack. Polkadot parachains don’t have to be built on Substrate, but they can be and it is easy for them to be used in Polkadot. For Substrate chains to become parachains there is very little technical overhead or extra coding. The chain simply needs to bond DOT tokens to lease a parachain slot on the Polkadot platform.

This is a rundown of the teams building out the Polkadot ecosystem. Please comment as more come online.

Teams Building on Substrate and Polkadot

  • ChainLink - developing an oracle (announcement)
  • Laminar - open finance platform (website)
  • Aragon - unstoppable organizations, DAOs (Presentation)
  • AdEx - implementing their registry (announcement)
  • ChainX - developing a Bitcoin and Ethereum bridge (announcement)
  • Digix - gold on the blockchain (website)
  • - verifiable credentials (website)
  • Centrifuge - operating system for financial supply chain (website)
  • Ocean Protocol - ecosystem for sharing data (presentations)
  • Energy Web Foundation - building an energy network (announcement)
  • iExec - decentralized cloud computing (announcement)
  • Edgeware - building a WASM-based smart contract platform (website)
  • ZeroChain - zK-SNARKs chain built on Substrate (announcement)
  • Acala Network - stable coin platform built using Substrate (Twitter)
  • Robonomics - cyber-physical systems integration (Twitter status)
  • pLibra - a privacy preserving implementation of Libra (website)
  • MXC - IoT protocol (website & technical paper)
  • Darwinia - multi-chain gaming (repo)
  • Katal - financial contracts (website)
  • Joystream - A user governed video platform (announcement)
  • Ladder Network - decentralized exchange for cross-chain assets (website)
  • Akropolis - decentralized pension and DeFi blockchain (website)
  • Asure Network - social security network (website)
  • KILT Protocol - credentials for Web 3.0 (website)
  • PACTCare - Metadata Blockchain based on Substrate called Starlog (GitHub)
  • 0x protocol - decentralized exchange (Tweet)
  • Blink Network - lightning fast payments (website)
  • LayerX - zk-SNARKs chain (announcement)
  • Plasm - Plasm is a Substrate Runtime Module Library allows developers to add Plasma functions to their Substrate chain (GitHub)
  • Speckle OS - universal identity and account parachain (announcement)
  • Totem - real time accounting for Substrate (website)


  • - non-custodial global wallet (Announcement)
  • Polkawallet - mobile wallet (Twitter)
  • Enzyme - browser extension wallet (website)
  • imToken - digital asset wallet with multi-chain asset management (website)
  • Cobo Wallet - proof of stake wallet (website)
  • Speckle Wallet - browser extension wallet (website)
  • Qbao Network - cross-chain wallet. (website)


  • HOPR - decentralized & privacy-preserving point-to-point messaging protocol with incentives (announcement)
  • Polkascan - block explorer to mine data on all chains (announcement)
  • Bison Trails - node infrastructure and staking/monitoring service (Website)
  • Blockdaemon - node infrastructure and staking/monitoring service (Website)
  • Polkasource - ITSM for blockchain infrastructure (announcement)
  • Protos - Open Source Node Explorer (website)
  • - block explorer (website)
  • Supercomputing Systems — Substrate Transaction Privacy using Intel SGX (GitHub)
  • Validators — Open Source Scalable Cluster (GitHub)


  • Noise Explorer - Rust code generator for formally verified (Noise/ cryptographic) handshakes (GitHub)
  • Clovyr - service to easily build a blockchain (demo)
  • Chainhammer — Multi-chain performance testing tool (GitHub)
  • Agoric - secure smart contracts (website)

Polkadot Implementations


where can we get the latest list of parachain?

Hey Ty, you can find all that are connected to telemetry on testnet here: As polkadot hasn’t launched on main-net yet this list may/may not be relative to active parachains upon launch.

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Ladder Network,official website: Building on Substrate and Polkadot

BEPAL Wallet
Official Website:

MathWallet - multi-chain wallet

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pLIBRA- a privacy-preserving Libra on Polkadot

Hi there! Please add PolkaStats, a webapp that show useful info about the active validators in Polkadot network:


Thank you!

In order to fully realize the original vision of our Proof of Provenance system, Digix will be moving from our Ethereum smart contract implementation into Polkadot.

While we are big fans of Ethereum (myself being the first person to send and receive the first ever transaction on the network) we feel that in order for us to achieve the level of customization, complexity, and usability that we need to deliver the full vision of our asset tokenization and provenance system we need a highly customizable framework to build upon.

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Hi there, please add Bifrost. Bifrost Network is a parachain designed for Stake.


Thank you!

PolkaWorld(波卡世界) 是最大的波卡中文社区,在这里我们讨论和关注波卡生态项目信息和波卡进展。我们曾报道过这个列表中一半以上的项目,比如 ChainX、Edgeware、Kilt、Plasm、Speckle、PolkaWallet、imToken 等。


欢迎加入 PolkaWorld 社区,一起发现 Web3.0 时代的新机会。

PolkaWorld is the largest Chinese Polkadot forum, here we talk about Polkadot and teams building on Polkadot. We have reported about over half of the projects listed here, including ChainX、Edgeware、Kilt、Plasm、Speckle、PolkaWallet、imToken etc.

Find us on:

Wechat account:PolkaWorld

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The Shift Project has announced that they will be migrating the current Lisk-based Shift Core to Polkadot/Substrate codebase, taking the blockchain-integrated IPFS storage solution to the next level!


Bandot- is a fully trustworthy stable coin.

Math Wallet - mobile wallet & browser extension wallet (website)



Subscan ( is the most convenient and easy-to-use multi-chain explorer for Substrate & Polkadot. It now supports Kusama CC3 Network, Edgeware Mainnet, Darwinia Icefrog Testnet, and will support more networks in the future, such as Polkadot, Acala, Plasm, etc.

Subscan provides a convenient query service for the chain developed based on the Substrate framework. Users can use Subscan to view transaction information of exchanges / wallets, such as deposit, withdrawal, transfer, and staking, etc.

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OAX Foundation – Interoperable DeFi Blockchain (Website / Twitter)

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KodaDot is VueJs wallet & governance dashboard for @polkadot and @substrate_io based networks.
We plan to make whitelabel for para chain.
( website / Feel free to follow us on Twitter )

Starmesh - :artificial_satellite::earth_africa: Earth Observation data. :eyes: Cryptographically verifiable and :spider_web: distributed. (website, Github, Twitter)

Hi there! Can you please add Subsocial to the section “Teams Building on Substrate and Polkadot”?

Subsocial - A protocol for decentralized social networks and marketplaces. (GitHub, Twitter, Medium, Riot, Telegram, Discord)

Hi there.
Pls add Infrastructure: HashQuark. Official website:
Tooling: PolkaCube (

Don’t forget about Moonbeam!
Riot Channel:!