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Oct 29th - 30th, 2020

Hyatt Shanghai

Web3 Forum Shanghai

Web3 Forum revolved around a call: to promote a well-functioning, user-friendly decentralized network. This is also the vision of Web3.0, to allow users to own their data, identities and destinies.

Web3 Forum is hosted by the Web3 Foundation, which aims to promote development of decentralized software, protocols, and applications.

Polkadot currently is the most prominant project undertaking by Web3 Foundation. Substrate Blockchain Framework is factored out from Polkadot development. This makes blockchain development becomes a lot easier.

Web3 Forum will be held in Shanghai China this year, to build a bridge for collaboration among decentralized project teams. During the two-day gathering, nearly a thousand developers, researchers and entrepreneurs will gather. Many open-source communities and thought leaders will also assemble to discuss and inspire.

On October 26th, the Shanghai International Blockchain Week Open Day will also host the Web3.0 Bootcamp Demo Day to showcase 15 selected teams on the 19F of Hongkou Financial Technology Building.

Our Values

We are co-developing technologies that provide users with privacy protection, new economic and social models that represent user interests. This is a difficult task that requires coordination among numerous parties.

We remain committed to this value and will continue the spirit of the Berlin conference. So there is no sponsorships, no logos, and no extremisms. The success of the Web3 Forum depends on the contribution of each individual. All open source projects, developers, and people from different backgrounds are welcome to participate.


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How to Join


For Attendee

General admission ticket costs ¥899 (two-day meals included). Early bird ticket costs ¥399, excluding meals. Register here


For Speaker

Working on a Web3 project or have a story to tell? Apply here



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